BREVINI reduktorid ja mootorid

Pakume tuntud kaubamärk BREVINI reduktorid, mootorid, varuosad.

Brevini põhilised tootegrupid on:


Brevini one-stage or two-stage planetary gears mounting with electric, hydraulic motors, and also with belt and chain drives. Available versions with or without an integral multidisc failsafe brake.

• Gear ratio from 3,5 to 4000
• Drive power up to 250 kW
• Max. output shaft torque – 1000 kNm
• Flange or feet mounted
• Various shaft ends


These drives are designed to be used on stationary cranes and earthmoving machines, and also cars, container trucks, and conveyors as well.
• Gear ratio from 3.5 to 4000 and greater
• The possibility of loading by a constant torque up to 64 kNm
• Recommended pinion wheel modules from 4 to 20
• Max. radial force on the pinion amounts to 740 kN


These planetary gears with hydraulic motors are designed to be used on track vehicles.
• Gear ratio from 5 to 150
• Max. torque – 70 kNm
• The possibility of mounting a drum or disc brake on the gear


These compact planetary wheel drives with block-arranged hydraulic motors are designed to be used on specialty and specialized vehicles, agricultural machines, and slow-speed vehicles as well.
• Gear ratio from 6 to 50 and greater
• Max. torque – 40 kNm
• The possibility of mounting a working and failesafe parking brake
• The designs are according with standard dimensions of rubber wheel rings

Brevini vintsid ja vintsi ülekanded

The winches, winch drum drives, and capstans are designed for lines of up to 20 mm in diameter.
• Gear ratio from 3,5 to 50 and greater
• Line pull up to 100 kN
• Max. torque 50 kNm
• Electric and hydraulic drive
• The possibility of mounting a brake

Pumba jõuülekanded

These pump drives are installed on combustion engines for driving positive-displacement and impeller pumps of great power ranges.
• Gear ratio from 0.6 to 1.43
• Various standards of pump mountings
• The possibility of driving from 1 do 4 pumps
• Total power transmission up to 480 kW
• The possibility of transferring power up to 185 kW per 1 receiver